#Storytelling –> Texture is Connectivity

I was up late reading and stumbled across this article about a photoessay by Photographer Nancy Borowick sharing her story…both of her parents fighting cancer. No…this is not a story of one of her parents fighting cancer and the other standing along side as a support system. BOTH of her parents have cancer and BOTH are fighting cancer simultaneously.

Here photo essay…wow!!! You should check it out! –> CLICK HERE

As I lay here…I am speaking to myself.¬†We can write great copy, create beautiful ads, strategize great campaigns…but these images are powerful…more powerful than what *we* can create by *trying* to tell someone else’s story.

How about finding the way to create a “platform” that gives those the latitude to express freely…openly…like this daughter…Nancy Borowick.

Thinking a bit…will be pondering this more…stories of texture create deep connectivity.

*Image from Nancy Borowick’s website.