Stories of Passion or Passionate Storytelling? #Porsche #B59

A friend sent me this video the other day and I was completely intrigued. His note to me…

Reed Smith says:
“I love cars… this is a great example of a really cool car. But they chose to talk about the car though the owners not just simple telling you about the car.”

The link he sent me included the video above and comeback ground information about this story and the Porsche 911 B59.

First of all…I love Porsches and Reed and I have traded our bucket lists of Porsche’s that we would love to own. I would love to have a garage to hold two Porsches: 356 Bathtub Porsche and a 911 B59.

From the article:
This short film from Autocraft Media tells the story of the creation of the B59, and how it echoes both the 911 Haywood won Daytona with in 1973 and the car he closed his career with in 2012.

The film also tracks the owners who ended up with the B59s. These guys added their 911s to existing collections that can best be described as “pornographically amazing,” and you get to see them here in the video.

When I was watching…I loved hearing the roar of the flat six engine. LOVE IT…it roars as it effortlessly accelerates through each scene of this video.

But what makes this video…this story so great. There were only five B59’s made and this video’s storyline reveals the voices of each owner a bigger story.

You not only feel the roar of the engine of this flat six B59…but the roar of each owners passion as they share their enthusiasm for this car…this experience. It is more than a car…it is an experience.

I hope you enjoy…this story of the B59.

*Here is a link to learn a little more about the 911 Carrera GTS B59 Edition Coupe.