Happy Mothers Day…love for the mothers in my life

There are two videos that have truly impact me the last few weeks…so I really wanted to share. These are for the mothers in my life and to the many mothers out there.

For you single moms…for those Linda’s of the world…the Mom of my world!
This is for those single moms, that have sacrificed, have done it all of their children…when the odds were stacked up…you were more entrepreneurial than any high net-worth millionaire. You innovated, you scaled, you found ways to make it all happen…against all odds. You did not do it for the money…you did if for love.

For you strong moms…for those Sarah’s and Jennifer’s of the world…the Sarah of my world!
This is for the moms, everyday, every minute, every second…your every breath is for your children. We business men get up and fight the stresses of the day to provide. You get up and embrace the stresses of life so that your family, your children, you world feels like the most important. You are love….