Who are your storytellers? Apple knows their storytellers oh too well! #WWDC14


Did you watch the keynote address from Apple’s #WWDC14 opening day? Did you happen to see the first video before anyone walked onto the stage? I did and I was inspired.

How many story-lines can you list while watching this video? Here is what I came up with…I was typing in real time as watched and listened this video.


  1. apps
  2. developers
  3. creativity
  4. drawing
  5. communication
  6. apps we cannot live without
  7. social media
  8. photography
  9. technology
  10. healthcare
  11. marine biology
  12. sailing
  13. databases
  14. global connectivity
  15. gaming
  16. baseball
  17. hope
  18. education/training
  19. dreaming for a better tomorrow
  20. music
  21. performing
  22. art of being a musician
  23. connecting apps to health
  24. bionic arms
  25. prosthetics
  26. intersection of technology and art
  27. inspiration

It is amazing how the use of storytelling and streams of themes come together in one piece…yet never really mention Apple. This is the power of connected content pulled together in one video, to tell little micro-stories that raise awareness for an over arching brand…one that we all can relate.

Powerful storytelling allows those who have language and passion to share their experience. Who are your storytellers?