What can we learn from this Governor Nikki Haley #Education Tweet?

Here is a tweet from Governor Nikki Haley concerning education reform in South Carolina on July 9, 2014.

This one tweet became an instant case study for every social consultant, pr manager, and crisis communication manager.

This has become an example or even a great leading discussion to consider the following:

  1. Why/why not pushing across multiple channels should be a part of the strategy?
  2. What is an internal approval process for social media updates look like?
  3. Was this an honest mistake?
  4. Was this an opportunity to create a tremendous pr stunt the day before voting?
  5. How can the pr/crisis communication team turn this into a positive communication opportunity?
  6. Did she, Nikki Haley, post this herself from Instagram or was this from her communications team?
  7. If this tweet was posted from her communications team, is this considered authentic communication given her verified account status?