We are the storytellers from inside our organization!

I was sitting and meeting with a dear friend…and a great client. We were chatting about an upcoming group of projects, talking about the creative approach, budgets, logistics, etc. The more we talked, the more we began critically thinking about the visual message, the scripting, and the overall impact.

She looked at me and said, “I am just so thankful to work with you. You just get it…you are more than a video production crew, you truly are a storyteller. We know when we work with you…we know we get someone who truly helps us shape the story through out the whole production process.”

I was speechless and re-affirmed. She articulated what I have been preaching for so long.

Just the other day…I was meeting with another client and she was sharing the news they were hiring a senior level person for their business.

Their business is technical in nature, yet they value the idea behind creating a wonderful online experience. They hired someone who will focus on content…specifically a strong writer, a strong storyteller. There is a shift in culture that is happening. Groups we (here at Gray and SHI) are working along side are investing in stories, content curation initiatives, and taking ownership of their brand message. We are all storytellers…but we have to find the space, the platforms, and the willingness to unlock that capability.

We are all storytellers…but are we willing to allow those stories to come to the surface?