What is your ministry?



What is your ministry? What do I mean?

I met a very cool person this past weekend, his name is James Morrison. James has a simple mission, chopping firewood for those in need this winter. He has been volunteering his time to AIM in Anderson, SC for the past 25 years. Yes…for 25 years he has chopping firewood. 

James has a simple passion, simple ministry…to use his God given natural talent to help others. This passion has led him to find others with similar passion. Now he has attracted a group of men to help him every year. He has volunteers in the community donation wood, logs, and limbs; wood he transforms into firewood for many individuals that depend on this resource to keep their homes warm during the winter.


When I arrived at the wood pile behind AIM’s main office, I found a bunch of men ready to work. When I heard about this story, I was expecting lots of swinging of axes, splintering wood flying around, and just a few men working for hours. What I found was an efficient operation, teams of men working with gas powered wood splitting machines, all there with a common cause to help their neighbors. 

James shared that many of these men give up their Saturday’s to help, especially during football season. Many of the men could be home with their families, working around their yards, tailgating…but they choose to join the ministry. A simple ministry, one that not only reaches those in need this winter, but one that brings a greater meaning to those sharing their time and energy. 

What is your ministry? James Morrison and his team of men have a ministry here in Anderson, SC. It is my ministry to bring you this story.