Real Time Links To Watch During 2016 Presidential Debates


Here are the links to watch during the upcoming Presidential debates. Lots of interesting stuff to watch online during the debates, as you research the candidates. I am not providing a link to Facebook Signal access, since it is based on each person being gratned access. I use Facebook Signal as a barometer to watch conversation trends.

Here are the links, or online resources I watch during the 2016 Presidential Debates: Blog (Run by Nate Silver who predicted the last two elections.)
BTW, the name (538) comes from the number of electors in the electoral college. This link is the real time blog during the debate, all data driven information.

My News Twitter List
Lots of smart people from across the nation on the list…many journalist I know talking real time about the debate.

Google Trends for Debate (
This will provide you real time information as people are searching about the candidates and questions they have about the debate. Lots of interesting information.

Facebook Primary by
This map is real time data driven showing the heat map of “Likes” from across the nation. You can turn each candidate off and on from the left hand column. Interesting research:

For your information, why do I watch Facebook and Google Trends during a debate:
Google Trends indicate what people are searching for in real time
Facebook data shows how people take the information they search for on Google and turn it into conversations on Facebook.