My First Film Images: Eastman Kodak Brownie Target Six 20 Camera

#BoomYah – Just received some 620 #Film ASA 50 from @thedarkroomlab for my #Brownie #Target620

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I finally did it…I refurbished this Eastman Kodak Brownie Target Six 20 camera that has been sitting on my shelf since my 40th birthday. Sarah had one heck of a 40th Birthday Party for me which included purchasing old cameras for each of the tables. This is one the cameras she found, so I thought I would start trying to use it.

Breaking down this #Brownie #TargetSix20 for some repair, cleaning, and prep work for my first roll of 620 film.

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It was probably manufactured in the 1940’s by Eastman Kodak to encourage people to buy film and take pictures. I was able to purchase 620 film in both 100 ISO and 50 ISO. Here are some of the first images I just had developed and converted to digital by The Dark Room in California.

Here is a video of the shutter mechanism. I had to go inside and clean the lens and the shutter.

Very cool to watch the shutter and aperture mechanism inside this #Brownie #TargetSix20

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Take a look at some of the first images!