Storytelling: A Journey for a Domestic Violence Victim

This has to be one of the most powerful stories we have captured since I started working with Safe Harbor eight years ago. Each year, we have pushed the boundaries, getting to a place where real, raw emotion translated into such palatable words. Jenita is such an inspiring woman, with an amazing ability to share emotion in a way that we could truly see into her soul.

It only took her only two times to read the script she wrote, staring into a teleprompter literally three feet away. She was nervous about “letting loose”, sharing the graphics words that truly showcased her inner struggles and path. I am so glad she found the space to let loose; and truly share her heart.

Telling stories is more than just creating something for the consumer to feel the depth of the story; it is also knowing when to step back and letting the story be told without stepping in the way.

I am thankful for Jenita’s strength. If this message upsets you or offends you; then maybe Jenita’s story truly achieved it’s goal…to make you think and see the inner soul of a survivor. We should be so honored to know that she is willing to expose and share her inner being to us!

How can we be champions for women like Jenita right here in Anderson County, South Carolina?

Executive Producer: Bobby Rettew / Chief Storyteller at Gray Digital Group
Producer/Editor: Mark Berry at Gray Digital Group
Client: Safe Harbor