In honor of Nurses Week, I thought I would share a list…you know your mom is a nurse when:

1) Your birthday presents are wrapped with surgical tape.
2) You have not gone to your PCP in over two years.
3) You have slept in a hospital bed as a child.
4) You open the refrigerator and their is always a stock of flu shots.
5) You know how to suture your own cuts.
6) When you travel, you have a separate toiletry bag for meds…just in-case.
7) You always carry phenergan, amoxicillin, and Zithromax.
8) You know how to read a physicians writing.
9) You are not scared of needles and can give yourself a shot.
10) You call your mom before you go to the emergency room, because she might divert you to her house.
11) You know how to clean and fix simple cuts and you have all the right items to do so.
12) The sight of blood does not scare you or make your stomach queasy, it actually intrigues you.
13) You know how to find your way around a hospital.
14) Your summer jobs included being a patient transport.
15) Your sister follows her mother to become a nurse, and you would eventually work in healthcare advocating for nurses.
16) You grow up knowing that Florence Nightingale is a super star and thus your mother; just like Michael Jordan.