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Rettew Creative provides aerial photography and videography for most commercial drone applications. Whether you have a video project that requires aerial video or you need aerial video and photos captured for your business, we can help!

The use of aerial photography and videography can have a unique impact on projects. The benefits of leveraging drone services can include:

  • Reduced production costs.
  • Opportunity for unique vantage points
  • Replacing some traditional production tools allowing for a faster workflow.
  • Providing an added sense of scale and vantage point to any project.

Mark Berry is a FAA licensed pilot, which means we can operate in both unregulated and regulated airspace, handle any legal requirements that your specific project may require, and ensure a safe flight mission using the FAA safety guidelines.

Our pilots are constantly up-to-date with trends, learning new and creative flight techniques, and exploring new ways to integrate drone services. We currently leverage DJI Phantom 3 and Mavic Pro drones capturing high definition video and photos.

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Aerial View: Demolition and Rebuilding Homes in Greenville


Blog Post by Mark Berry / Producer & Director for Gray Digital Group

The craft of telling visual stories differs from other disciplines in that it is forever married to the advancement of technology. If a writer possesses the necessary talent and vision, it makes little difference whether he uses Microsoft Word or a Quill pen and powdered ink. Visual storytelling is different. As technology advances, new horizons are opened up. New tools give us new ways of better constructing the narrative we hope to convey. This being the case, we are always on the lookout, keeping a watchful eye on the digital technology market.

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