GHS Children’s #VirtualToyDrive – Make A Difference

I wanted to reach out to you. I serve on the GHS Children’s Hospital Development Council and we are hosting a Virtual Toy Drive. Below is a link to a website where you can purchase items for children who are patients at Children’s Hospital. From electronics, books, movies, even stuff for parents of children…there is something in everyone’s budget.

All items have been identified by Children’s Hospital staff as needed to help us in our efforts to go beyond providing traditional medical care. As a donor, you select and pay for an item and we take care of securing and distributing the item. Any items you select are needed and very much appreciated.


Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Virtual Toy Drive and for helping make a difference!

I hope you check it out! My goal is to raise $2000.00 this year for Children’s Hospital at Greenville Health System.


The Story Behing Rescued By Love – A Portrait Fundraising Effort

A few months ago, Tiffiney Addis reached out to me to see I could help here with a little project. Tiffiney is a photojournalist and has been capturing Rose’s pictures before the day she was born. And now she has become the family photographer, capturing all the important moments in Rose’s life.

This week, she hosting a photo contest that is benefitting the Bryan NICU of GHS Children’s Hospital. Her daughter was born at 21 weeks and experienced first hand the depth of experience and care in the Bryan NICU. After that day…she decided to give back.

The video above is just a small portion of her larger story and drive to make a difference. If you go to www.RescuedByLovePortraits.com, you can vote for our daughter Rose (contestant #22). Each vote is one dollar and her goal this year is $20,000, so she needs 20,000 votes.

All the money from the contest goes directly to Bryan NICU of GHS Children’s Hospital. I hope you take a few minutes and vote.

Vote for Rose


Rose needs your help. You are a part of the honorary Rose fan club and so it is the purpose of this blog post to solicit your help.

Rose is part of a portrait contest and she needs your vote. If you go to www.RescuedByLovePortaits.com and follow the directions to vote for Rose (Contestant #22), she could possibly win but your vote could help save lives. Each vote costs one dollar and all the proceeds from the voting contest go the Bryan NICU at the GHS Children’s Hospital. The goal this year is to raise $20,000…so we need 20,000 votes.

Imagine…if each one of you voted one time! Imagine if 500 of you that read this blog post would cast one vaote…that would total $500 dollars donated. Imagine if those 500 voted twice, that would be 1000 votes for Rose amounting to $1000. Imagine if those 500 voted twice and then shared this twice blog post twice…imagine.

Imagine…Rose winning this photo contest and all the money you donate through your votes goes directly to the Bryan NICU at GHS Children’s Hospital. And even if she does not win, you have helped save lives, children’s lives.

Each of you has told me how much you have enjoyed all of Rose pictures and portraits. Tiffiney Addis has been capturing Rose from the moment she was born, literally.

Tiffiney Addis of Tiffiney Photography is hosting this photo contest in an effort to give back. If it was not for the Bryan NICU of GHS Children’s Hospital, her daughter Sadie Mae would not be here today. Last year she raised $15000 with this photo contest, and we hope that with your help we can exceed this year’s goal of $20000.

We need you to vote for Rose, contestant #22. Very simple, CLICK HERE or go to www.RescuedByLovePortraits.com and vote. Remember, Rose is contestant #22. The deadline is Friday, March 15th at 5pm. Happy Voting!

Thanks for your help!