Entrepreneurial & Creative Focus…Labyrinth Style

This past Sunday…I took part in an experience that was quite different but extremely enlightening. I walked a Labyrinth. Have you ever taken part in an experience like this? Do you know what I am talking about?

A labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation, and is considered a spiritual path of prayer. “It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path.” A labyrinth is different from a maze in that there are no tricks to it, no dead ends, no interesting paths. The labyrinth is a well-defined path that leads to into the center and back out again.

So why am I writing about something that can be such a spiritual experience in a business setting. Well, as I was walking through the Labyrinth, I was thinking about what the Chaplain described as the purpose of the Labyrinth.

From her explanation:
“Following the path is a metaphor for life. Just as we are walking along, nearing the center, we suddenly find ourselves far away from that goal. The Labyrinth teaches us that by persistently following the path, with all the twists and turns, we will get to the center.”

As I was walking, I was filling the tensions of life dissipate, and enlightened focus upon certain areas of my life. Then as I was walking…I began to think how this experience could benefit entrepreneurs. This experience could benefit creative individuals…I know I benefited.

As a blogger, writing, entrepreneur, creative, and lecturer…my life can go in so many different directions. As entrepreneur, creative, and writer…I am always in search of ways to find focused attention that leads to creative inspiration. The mere act of walking through the path allowed me to focus on the path, pealing back the layers of distraction.

Imagine an exercise we could take part in daily that would bring focus and enlightenment to the creative side of our brain. Most of us look for that “zone,” that happy place that allows to fully come into touch with our full senses. This heightened ability to come in close contact with our creative side can sometimes be euphoric. But…that can be somewhat manic. This exercise calms and allows us to focus…the focus that brings enlightenment. This can lead to innovation.

Labyrinths are in cathedrals all over Europe and now more than 1,000 are in churches, parks, prisons, hospitals, and retreat centers in the US. The canvas Labyrinth pictured above is modeled after the stone Labyrinth embedded in the floor of Chartres Cathedral, France, since 1201 AD.

Imagine using this technique of walking a Labyrinth when trying to find focus in your business, with students, when dealing with a tough decision. Yes, there is a spiritual aspect of Labyrinths, but there is also a life aspect…a business application. Using this tool to find focus…by walking this path.

Here is a quote that I think speaks well about Labyrinths:
“Labyrinths are…symbols, spiritual tools, mathematical images, harmonic patterns, pathways of discovery, playgrounds of prayer.” Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion

I believe there is a business application to the Labyrinth…one for writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, and even the corporate world. What are your thoughts? Have you ever taken part by walking a Labyrinth.

To learn more about Labrinths:

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