Have you cried…an ugly, nasty cry? Seeking healthy manhood!

Have you really cried…I mean ugly cry. The cry that you want no one to see, yet it feels so much better after it is all over.

I only witnessed my father cry one time, and I will never forget it. I was so confused, did not understand…but watched mhim never talk about that day ever again. 

Joseph Gelfer writes in his latest exploration titled “We Need to ‘Undefine’ Masculinity” and exploration of gender roles and how we define this idea of what it means to be a man.

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Learning to raise a 5 year-old with twins in the #NICU.

Each time I see this picture…it breaks my heart.

It is late in the evening on June 13th, Sarah had just been released from the hospital. George and Henry had just been born four days earlier on June 10th. They were still in the hospital in the Level One NICU at GHS. Rosebud had been spending the night at her cousins for the past few days and life was just completely out-of-whack.

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