Round-and-Round in Shelby…

Well, it was train rides and carrousels in the lovely town of Shelby so the merry-go-round continued as the second week of Road Trip was coming to a close. Before I begin, I would like to throw a little shout-out to the peeps of Shelby, the Road Trip loves some Shelby.

Let me tell you…when we showed up, – once again – they showed us why we continue to make an appearance in Shelby. The lunch they had waiting was phenomenal!!! We had salad with chicken and tangerines with this homemade vinaigrette dressing and the desserts were enough to make you slap your grandma they were so good! My mouth is still watering, because I am still fixated on the carrot cake, cheesecake topped with apples, and the chocolate cake that just melted in your mouth. I know we are supposed to be at Providence High School Friday, but the RV might be headed back to Shelby for some more good eats! Oh yeah, I am still driving the RV, they forgot how much they missed me navigating the Queen Empress! She is a lovely ship!

With all the fun and good food in Shelby, a true testament to our ability to function as a team was ever so present! Our faithful director, Mariano Archdeacon stormed out of Shelby just thirty minutes before the show. He received a phone call that every parent dreads…your child is sick and your spouse is on the way to the hospital with their loved one! Now, I do not normally like to talk about personal situations, but today I felt it was appropriate. Mariano’s little boy is okay, and they kept him overnight for observation. But this merry-go-round of a Road Trip is more than just a bunch of stops in different towns, it is family.

This crew has been working together ever since we started putting together these shows back in May of 2004. We laugh, cry, and fight together…but we are more than a team! We spend close to ten hours a day together, we all know how what makes the others tick. And if you take one of us out of the mix, it is like your best friend has gone on a trip without you! Our hearts were with Mariano as he raced back to Charlotte to be with his family. Mariano, this family was thinking of you and yours!

Many companies pair groups together for many reasons! They evaluate strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and experience…this Road Trip crew was crafted together because we have what it takes to put on a live broadcast for a month from close to twenty different locations. But, we mesh together and know how to jump in during crisis mode to help when one is pulled from the mix. Our audio expert jumped in to direct (punch the show), our engineering supervisor jumped in to run audio for the sixteen different microphones and the station provided broadcast support to make the show clean and fun! We missed you Mariano and our prayers were with you and your family when you left unexpectedly yesterday!

Our fun little merry-go-round continues at Providence High School Friday where we will be showcasing high school football playoffs. See you at 4:30pm “as the Road Trip Extra rolls on”…I stole that line from Chuck Howard!


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