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We help our clients craft podcast content to tell their unique story. We work with you to either select the the right equipment or help you record your podcast on site. We also provide the training and guidance to make sure you sound amazing. Our goal is to create engaging content and help you grow your audience.

We have a talented, in-house team to help you capture, edit, polish, and publish your podcast!

  • Getting Started & Pre-production
  • Coaching to discuss your show format and technical needs
  • Equipment recommendations and setup assistance
  • Professionally voiced beginning, middle, and end with music
  • Help setting up your hosting service, website, and distribution

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Here are the podcasts we produce:

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 015: We Need More “Skirt”

Shelley Hill Young of Skirt MagazineWe all just need a little bit more skirt in our life. Yes…Skirt! Many would feel that this is a male chauvinistic statement especially given the current political and social climate; but it is true. We need more Skirt…that is Skirt Magazine based in Charleston, SC.

“Skirt is all about women – their work, their play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. … skirt Is an attitude – spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate.”Skirt magazine is Charleston’s first women’s magazine, celebrating women with attitude since 1994. Shelly Hill Young is the executive editor and embodies everything that is Skirt.

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 009: Master Re-Builder

Marty Boardman HeadshotIn 1998 I was recruited by the Chief Photojournalist of KPHO-TV to join one of the best broadcast television visual storytelling teams in the United States. The moment I stepped off the plane in my black suit on a hot summer day in Phoenix, Arizona; Marty Boardman not only welcomed me in style but became one of my closest mentors and ultimately best man in my wedding.

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[Gear In Review Podcast] GIR9 – 360 Cameras

In the last episode we explored mobile editing software; in this episode we are reviewing 360 cameras. This is a wild and exciting area for content creators, digital photographers, and videographers. We review a few cameras currently out in the market and talk about potential applications for 360 images and video. Whether you are a healthcare marketing or real estate marketer thinking about virtual tours inside your hospital, we discuss what the camera can do and how to share the content to your audience.

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 006 – Since John Got Sick

Allison Green - Since John Got SickFor anyone who has suffered a serious illness, whether personally or with a child; anyone facing the challenges of autoimmune disease; and any medical professionals who have worked to help them, Allison Greene has walked in these shoes.

I met Allison in 2013 while working on a story for the South Carolina Hospital Association advocating for the South Carolina’s Legislature to consider expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Her son’s story became a central focus of the story, one of heart, soul, trials and tribulations.

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 004 – The Master Storyteller

Bob Dotson | Master StorytellerMost of what hear about America these days outlines our frustrations – the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, middle class jobs fading away, hate-filled politics that prefers gridlock to compromise. What we know about America mostly comes from journalists who travel in herds, trailing politicians or camped out at big stories, pouncing on problems to repeat over and over. They offer up celebrity experts for solutions, the people who spend their busy days spouting opinions to cameras, while others in the shadows quietly make America work.

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 002 – Listening is Leading

Representative Gary Clary HeadshotRep. Gary Clary was first elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives House District 3 seat in 2014. After practicing law in the private sector for 17 years Rep. Clary was elected as a Circuit Judge by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1992 and re-elected in 1997. He retired in September 2002 and re-entered the private sector to work as Assistant General Counsel of Extended Stay America, a Fortune 500 hotel company.

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