[Intersection Podcast] Episode 008 – Climbing for Water

David Vaughn of ClemsonA few years ago the people of Cange, Haiti needed water. Some of them had to walk a thousand feet down the mountain and climb back up lugging 40 pound buckets of water. Today a new system pipes clean water up the mountain and into Cange. A team of Clemson engineering students working with the Haitian partners helped make this happen.

Clemson Engineers For Developing Countries, CDEC, began in the fall of 2009 when seven students in civil engineering noticed that something was missing from their curriculum. CDEC designed a system that would filter out large contaminates, kill microbes and ultraviolet radiation and chlorine, and then transport the water through the village in new pipes buried underneath recently paved roads. It would be the first chlorinated municipal water system in the country of Haiti.

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Water…clean water…I do not know what it is like to walk miles for water.

Water…clean water…I do not know what it is like to walk miles upon miles for water, much less clean water. Here at one of the many water fountains in the remote village of Cange, Haiti, people gather bringing their buckets to collect water. They are coming from all over the mountain, some walking miles upon miles in both directions. Once they arrive, they fill up their buckets with water and either carry them in hand by their side, or upon their head. Some walk hundreds of steep steps up and down the mountain, carrying the water.

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