Facebook for Business –> Find a job as a college student

Yesterday, I sat in a planning session for NetworkBash Fall 2010 with a great group from the Michelin Career Center at Clemson University. As we sat and began planning the three sessions for this fall, we talked about the social media session in October and what seminars will be created. We talked a bit about Facebook for a few minutes and the do’s and don’ts. I mentioned a seminar idea of protecting information, not revealing unwanted pictures and information employers could take out of context. A few of the staff members used this as a seminar with a few students a few months ago, and there was an overwhelming consensus…students understand the privacy issues but what they wanted to know: how to connect and engage with employers using Facebook.

OK…so here are my thoughts:

  • Make a list of companies you wish to engage with, ones you want to hire you.
  • Use Facebook to see if these companies have a Facebook presence (Fan Page, Group, Etc.).┬áTry to identify if it is a legitimate Facebook representation of the company or organization.
  • Once you find those companies, join the Group, Page, etc.
  • Watch the conversations in these groups and find updates that you can comment on that is not “intrusive.”
  • Look to see who else is a part of the Group or Page, and look over their profiles.
  • In those profiles, identify any people that might be working for company or organization. Also, look for the “Administrator” of the Group or Page and see if they work for this company or organization.
  • Send a “Friend Request” to the individuals that might work for the company or organization.
  • Continue to watch over this Group or Page and learn the language of the group and try to understand as much as possible: the purpose of the Group or Page, the initiatives of the company or organization, if they have events you can attend, and who are the people you need to establish a connection.
  • Once they accept they accept the “Friend Request,” try to engage in a conversation that could lead to an in-person meeting or on the phone conversation.
  • Do not use Facebook as a way to spam the employers with messages, but as a platform to engage in conversation that can lead to a meaningful relationship.