Are we trapped in social content? #texture

Content curation is a big buzz word/phrase right now. Lots of neat technologies, innovations, and social channels to find, share, capture, explore, leverage…then re-share.

But are we getting a bit trapped? Just found this cool post on Social Media Examiner how to use Feedly, IFTTT, and Excel to find, share, and potentially categorize/curate content. Great little workflow for those of us trying to create streamlined workflows to aggregate great content, read, re-purpose, and re-share accordingly.

But…are we looking too much through the technological lens of “social.” Specifically…are we depending on a few things here:

1) The technology to provide the content?
2) Content creators making the relevant choice, they feel “this piece” of content deserves to find it’s way on a social channel?
3) Are you following the right social channel to find that right piece of content?

How about individuals inside large organizations that use sophisticate aggregators to funnel information for social consumption. When we find ourselves so entrenched in the “practice” of social media…we sometimes select/deflect content based on the desire for a click or funneling people into a CRM.

Are people consuming this content or is it merely passing by so quick…the headline is the content and not the content inside the link. We are trapped inside the space of the headlines, reducing the exploration.

Where are we listening? Where are we moving past the face of the news feed coming across our screens? ┬áDo we still walk through our organizations and listen for great interviews, see great emotions, find great stories…or even just take a chance of something?

Content is Texture! Texture is Content! We need more texture!