The Facebook Update…more changes

OK…there are bunches of changes! I am not going to type all of them out, because there are so many other smart people that have done this!

If you want to watch the above video in HD, here is the link:

Official Facebook Blog Post on the recent changes:

This is what is included as an explanation in this post:
1. News Feed: See What Matters at the Top
2. Ticker: Join Friends in Real-Time

Here is where to learn more about the subscribe button on Facebook’s Blog:

Here is where to learn more about Friend Lists:

Here is a great blog post called New Facebook: 6 Things you Need to Know:

Here is what is discussed in New Facebook: 6 Things you Need to Know:
1. Top Stories and Most Recent now in one News Feed
2. Ticker becomes official
3. The Subscribe Button
4. The New Friend Button with Smart Lists
5. “Profile” disappears
6. Last but not least…
– Business pages do not need 25 Likes for a custom URL.
– More emails from Facebook
– The “Translate” button
– Links to track the path of a shared post

Finally, here is a great video by Brad Panovich giving a hands on tour exactly how Facebook has changed!

Finally, a great post by that covers all the changes with images and explanations.