Leveraging new content verticals – Warren Buffett style #storytelling

Everyone wants to be a thought leader…every organization wants own their content verticals…but what are you really owning.

Why are “we” trying to own the content verticals that the populous hopes to conquer. Thought leaders, whether individuals or brands, want to be heard, want to connect, want people to join the conversation. But why try to own that popular conversation?

Why not attack unwanted, uncharted, distressed content verticals that no one has tackled?

I think about Warren Buffett’s business philosophy…he takes “un-wanted” verticals and leverages this opportunity by investing thought leadership and capital.

Why not use enterprise level analytics tools to ask research questions:

1) What content vertices match our initiatives?
2) Where is the conversation?
3) If the popular conversation has aggregated to one content conversation; what other content vertices are left to consider?

Why not tackle content vertical that is uncharted and become the thought leader in this space? Take ownership of the conversation that has yet to emerge, invest resources, and scale that conversation.

Then, as you take ownership of this content vertical *and* as you scale the community engagement, why not leverage that opportunity with marketing initiatives.

Bottom-line –> We have the opportunity to build our own perception, our own conversation, our own communities!