Meals On Wheels

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Meals on Wheels – Anderson has been serving the Anderson community for over 40 years. Located in the heart of downtown, this organization is able to provide meals for elderly and disabled individuals all over the county.

Haley Daniel, Clemson University grad, is the special event coordinator for Meals on Wheels – Anderson. She has a passion for reaching the community and uses that passion when planning each fundraising event.
They have over 350 volunteers weekly who deliver meals Monday-Friday to individuals in the community. The volunteers not only deliver meals but also provide social interaction and conversation to people who don’t have access to it on a regular basis.

Meals on Wheels is always looking to reach more people in need. If you know of someone who needs help or if you want to volunteer yourself, be sure to reach out by contacting them or stopping by!

Meals On Wheels – Anderson
105 S Fant Street
Anderson, SC 29624

This video story was crafted and produced by digital media students from Anderson University’s Communication Program. As an Assistant Professor of Communication and owner of Rettew Creative, Bobby Rettew led a team of students in the COM 351 Corporate Video Production class to create these stories. This project provided a unique opportunity where students were able to leverage their technical video production skills along with enhancing their soft skills by interacting with clients and connecting with the downtown Anderson business community.

Each class Bobby Rettew shares, “Video production is more than the technical knowledge necessary to capture the story, but also the culmination people management skills and the ‘Tetris’ game of managing all the stakeholders calendars. To find and tell stories, you must know how to work with people and meet them where they are!”

Anderson University Production Team
Cara Johnson: Producer/Camera Operator/Editor
Savannah Huskey: Assistant Producer/Camera Operator/Interviewer
Ryan Gundersen: Camera Operator/Editor
Adam Crawford: Camera Operator/Editor
Bobby Rettew: Professor & Executive Producer