Studio Main

Storefront Stories

Studio Main is a landscape architecture company located in West Pelzer. This company combines a main street approach and the handlebar perspective to cultivate active communities.

The business was started in 2016 by Blake Sanders, the President of Studio Main. He was inspired to start the business after being involved in the design of pedestrian trails in the Greenville area.

Studio Main has served areas of the southeast such as Greenville, Travelers Rest, Anderson, West Pelzer, and more. Sanders has designed the master plan for the Saluda river blue trail, the town of Jonesville, and Limestone University campus. Sanders serves as the Mayor of West Pelzer and he is active in supporting local businesses in the area.

Blake Sanders was very welcoming to our crew and enthusiastic to tell his story. We enjoyed meeting with him and learning about his passion for cultivating community.

Be sure to stop by Studio Main in West Pelzer for all your landscaping and architecture needs!

Studio Main
1 Hindman St
Pelzer, SC 29669

This video story was crafted and produced by digital media students from Anderson University’s Communication Program. As an Assistant Professor of Communication and owner of Rettew Creative, Bobby Rettew led a team of students in the COM 351 Corporate Video Production class to create these stories. This project provided a unique opportunity where students were able to leverage their technical video production skills along with enhancing their soft skills by interacting with clients and connecting with the downtown Anderson business community.

Each class Bobby Rettew shares, “Video production is more than the technical knowledge necessary to capture the story, but also the culmination people management skills and the ‘Tetris’ game of managing all the stakeholders calendars. To find and tell stories, you must know how to work with people and meet them where they are!”

Anderson University Production Team
Bonnie Frick: Producer/Interviewer
Ellie Yandle: Second Camera Operator
Morgan Lane: Camera Operator/Editor
Joshua Senter: Production Coordinator/Editor
Daniel Similton: Assistant Camera Operator/Equipment Manager
Bobby Rettew: Professor & Executive Producer