Palmetto Guitar Academy

Storefront Stories

The Palmetto Guitar Academy is a guitar lesson business owned by Timothy J. Lee. Tim Lee was born and raised in Greenville, SC. He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and has been pursuing music ever since. The Palmetto Guitar Academy, located in West Pelzer, SC, has only been open for about 2 years now, but has already brought so much joy and learning to clients both young and old.

In the next couple of years, Tim Lee hopes to offer not just guitar lessons, but lessons in a variety of instruments.

Be sure to consider the Palmetto Guitar Academy if you are interested in furthering your musical abilities!

Palmetto Guitar Academy
1 Hindman Street
Pelzer, SC

This video story was crafted and produced by digital media students from Anderson University’s Communication Program. As an Assistant Professor of Communication and owner of Rettew Creative, Bobby Rettew led a team of students in the COM 351 Corporate Video Production class to create these stories. This project provided a unique opportunity where students were able to leverage their technical video production skills along with enhancing their soft skills by interacting with clients and connecting with the downtown Anderson business community.

Each class Bobby Rettew shares, “Video production is more than the technical knowledge necessary to capture the story, but also the culmination people management skills and the ‘Tetris’ game of managing all the stakeholders calendars. To find and tell stories, you must know how to work with people and meet them where they are!”

Anderson University Production Team
Jillian Zeltcer – Editor and Producer
Makena Mesenbourg – Editor and Producer
Simon Loftus: Camera operator, director, editor
Katelyn Bass: Producer
Gabe Miller: Camera operator
Bobby Rettew: Professor & Executive Producer