Simply Country Chic Boutique

Storefront Stories

We opened Simply Country Chic to be a women’s boutique where North meets South with its fashion-forward, trendy styles, mixed with some southern hospitality. We wanted a place where you could come and find some of the chic styles you would see on the streets in New York, and LA, but still with a little southern flair.

I’m Dawn Drucker, the owner and head buyer for Simply Country Chic. I was born and raised in New Jersey, however I consider myself only half Yankee since my daddy was from North Carolina. I have always listened to country music and even rodeoed. I feel that it was this upbringing that have lead to my unique sense of style which really is north meets south.

My husband and I moved to South Carolina in 2001 and have loved every minute since. For me fashion has always been an outlet for my depression. I have always loved fashion, we can change our moods with fashion and show our own personality through it. I know that if I’m not feeling great all I have to do is put on a really cute outfit and just like that I can change my mood. I have to say that I am a believer in retail therapy, but it does have to come in moderation just like anything else. I hope y’all like what I have hand picked for you!

To learn more, go to: https://www.simplycountrychic.com/